How to disable the tail warning light

This section will explain how to disable the warning light for the retractable tail after a fix wing is installed on a 993 based car.

There are several way to disable the warning light on your CLOCK that goes off when you car hits 50 MPH after you have installed a fix tail on your 993.  Depends on who has done the work to install your fix tail, the harness may be disconnected at two different places.  The idea is to short out the micro switch that is under the original retractable tail, the micro switch will sent a signal to the computer once the tail on your car has completely extended out.  When the computer fails to receive the signal from the micro switch 15 seconds after your car reached 50 MPH the warning light will turn on to tell you there is something wrong with the tail.  So once you have installed a fix tail the computer will never receive a signal from the micro switch again to know that the tail is extended already.  So the jumper must be placed to fool the computer thinking that the tail is already extended.

Again, depends on who did the tail install work, the harness may be disconnected at two different places.  Personally I left all my wire harness in place (didn't want to loose them in case I want to put the original tail back on) and just shorted them out  near where it used to connect to the micro switch.  A simple female jumper wire will do.  You can pick these parts up at your local Radio Shack.  Personally I took apart a computer Y-Cable which serve the purpose just fine, and it was free. (You can also pick one up at Radio Shack, or raid someone else's computer) 

The below picture illustrate how and where to connect the jumper wire to if the complete harness wire is in place and there is round 4 pin connector present.  the jumper wire goes to the male connector on the inside of the round plug.


The below picture illustrate what the main harness terminal looks like if the harness wire has been removed from the deck lid.  The harness block is a rectangular block with 10 holes on it.  Each hole is marked with a number next to it designating which pin that is.  You will need to put a jump wire on pin 3 and 7.  This rectangular main block is secured on the engine deck lid hinge on the passenger side of the car, right next to the air box.  Again try Radio Shack or take apart that computer Y-cable I mentioned above.


If you followed the procedures correctly you will never see that warning light again, but if you don't want to go through all that trouble you can always pry the clock out of the dash and remove the light bulb.

Additionally Gert Carnewal revealed another secret which is a much easier. 

Just unplug the harness that connects to the retractable tail control module underneath the dash board and you will not have the warning light.


Important information for 964 Owners
Information contributed by Randall Granaas

On your 1990 C2 if you disconnect the box under the dash that looks like the photo in the 993 then you might be disappointed. This box is actually the central locking unit. The rear spoiler control unit
is under the passenger seat. On the 1991 models these units were swapped around and the tradition continued with the 993 but not on the 1989 and 1990 964s."
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