993 Rear Fog Lights

Warning! rear fog lights are designed only to be used during severe weather or dense fog conditions where normal visibility is greatly effected.  Because the nature of the rear fog light's brightly lit bulbs it is not recommended that they be used during normal weather conditions.  Using the rear fog lights in normal weather condition may cause road rage or may even result you in a traffic ticket.

This DIY originated from Gert in Belgium, Gert did this DIY on his 993 and kindly passed his knowledgeable experience and information to me to make this DIY possible for U.S. 993 owners who want to add this option to their 993. 

993 rear fog lights are standard equipment in Europe but was not installed in the U.S. bonded 993s.  Since our U.S. 993s are not pre wired for the rear fog light, this DIY is maybe slightly complicated. 

Because of the numbers of picture involved with this DIY I have separated this DIY into several main groups to speed up the load time. 

Some of the major component of this DIY includes:
Porsche fog light switch
2 x fog light bulb sockets
2 x light bulb

Tools needed:
Philips screw driver
Flat screw driver
4 mm allen key
5 mm allen key
Snap ring plier
Radio removal key
Razor blade
X-acto knife
Steel cable
Electrical tape

Optional tools:
Soldering iron
Heat shrink tubes
Wire ties

Parts List:

Part number Description QTY Price
90063113290 Bulb 12v-1.2w 1 $1.05
91161321303 Face Plate 1 $2.06
9116130281001C Knob 1 $18.26
96461314900 Fog lamp switch 1 $18.48
99361325200 Rear fog light cap 1 $3.25
00072195701 Radio removal tool 2 $1.11x2
Home Depot Steel cable 10 feet $5~$10
Home Depot Razor blade 1 $1~$3
Home Depot X-acto knife blade 1 $3~$5
Home Depot Electrical tape 1 $1~$3
Nissan Dealer Generic light socket 1 $5
Pep Boys Rear fog light light bulb 2 $3~$4
Radio Shack Wire tie 8 $1?
Radio Shack Wire 50 feet $10?

DIY steps: (In order)

Rear fog light switch install

Fuse box

Wire run to engine compartment

Rear lens removal 

Rear fog light socket integration

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