993 engine jacking point block installation

Difficulty level : 1 
(In the scale level of 1-10 10 being hardest)

I have received many e-mails from other 993 owners who were concerned about using the bottom of the engine as a jacking point when jacking up the rear of the car.  Any 993 owners who have jacked all 4 side of the their 993 knows that it is a lot of work to jack all 4 corners up without using the bottom of the engine as a jacking point. 

Although I have been assured by experts like Bruce Anderson, and many other senior mechanics around the country that it is perfectly ok to jack the rear of the 993 up under the engine, it is still being viewed as a tabooed behavior.  Especially with the confusing statement made in the owner's manual about never to jack the car up under the engine.  (Of course we all know that the manual states that because the engine sound tray is in place)

Based on the above concerns Autometrics Motorsports a reputable Porsche tuner in Charleston, S. Carolina came out with a dual purpose jacking point / tow hook solution for this exact concern.

The kit
The only portion of the kit that I was interested in was the jacking point block itself, the tow hook can be installed in minutes at a later time when there is a need. 

Installation procedure (For 993 only)

Jack the rear of the car up, you can choose to jack up both side of just one side. 

Remove the engine sound tray 

Remove the engine sound tray mounting bracket on the middle of the engine.

Loosen the two 17mm engine mounting bolts above the sound tray mounting bracket

Find the 17 mm engine mounting bolt and lock washer in the parts bag that comes with the kit  Only the lock washers will be used for this DIY in the 993 cars, you will need to re-use the factory mounting bolts. 

Mount the jacking block under the engine, install the lock washer and hang tighten the two engine bolts.

Find the long 13 mm bolt with the 13 mm nylock nut and washer in the kit.

With the jacking block push up against the engine and make sure there are no slack between the block and the engine tighten the long cross bolt to 17 ft lb with the nylock nut with the thick washer on the nylock side.

Tighten the two 17 mm engine bolts to 30 ft lb.

You are done.

  The jacking block can also be special ordered with different colors.

This is what the jacking block looks like from the rear of the car

Jack in action!

Update 10/2008

AutometricsMotorsports no longer manufactures the 993 jacking block.

A revised jacking block without the tow hook mounts were manufactured to accommodate the request for a jacking block solution for the 993 cars.

Now you can purchase the new revised jacking blocks directly from p-car.com for $250 + freight. 
To order please send an e-mail to mrpcar2004@yahoo.com

Pic of the new jacking block


The jacking bloacks have been revised in the following area:

(1). The tow hook mount removed, the original design would scrap due to the length of the tow hook mount
(2). The jacking pad point is now rounded

These jacking point will only fit Porsche 993 1996-1998, will not fit turbo, or 1995 993s.

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