How to install a 5 point harness

Before you proceed to install the 5 point harness in your car please read the below important safety information regarding how the harness should be from Wil Ferch, a contributor of this important safety information. 

Attaching the shoulder harness belts to the harness bar only advisable for keeping the driver in-place for low speed sporting events..such as SCCA Solo II competition and other types of autocross or parking lot pylon runs. For high speed sporting events, such as encountered on racetracks as part of Club Racing or Driver's Ed  ( DE) events...the shoulder harnesses 
must be anchored to something the rear seat belt mounting points..or through holes drilled into the body with substantial backing ( or reinforcing ) plates.  Plus , the mounting points cannot impose substantial "downward" load on your body, to avoid spinal compression in an accident. For this purpose, you need a harness bar located behind the seat.  

It may be OK to wrap the shoulder harnesses around the harness bar...but ONLY if it's a low speed event like an autocross. For high speed events, as in DE's on most tracks, the harness bar ( more appropriately named a "harness guide bar" ) is used to guide the harnesses back down to a more suitable mounting the rear seat belt anchors. The harness bar is 
typically *not* designed to withstand the substantial forces ( in bending) that would result... if you attach the harnesses directly to the bar.  If in doubt as the suitability of mounting the harnesses to the bar, ask the manufacturer of the bar, or the sanctioning body of your race organization.  There are commercially available bars that are not round in cross section, but are instead built like a bridge or truss, that can take the forces of direct belt attachment ( for example...those built by Brey-Krause...and perhaps others) Otherwise, for round bars used in high speed events, the routing of the harness over the bar guides the resulting  impact forces back, instead of  straight down, to avoid spinal compression. For that purpose, it 
works fine.     - racing or high speed driving is inherently dangerous. The authors of this text assume no liability with the use of the information given here..but offer it only as consideration for the more obvious pitfalls in installing 
harnesses and bars. 

I installed the 5 point harness using all existing factory seat belt mounting points, no new holes was drilled for this. 
This is a picture of where the right side harness is mounted to on the factory seat belt anchor. 

This is a picture of the left side 

This is a completed picture of the harness. 

 I didn't mount the anti submarine belts in (don't feel like drilling hole on the floor board), for what John uses for this is enough. 

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