How to Install Gert's Front Protection Bar for our 993

The difficulty level of this DIY is a level 1 in a scale level of 1-10 
(10 being the hardest) 

Please contact Gert for more information on how to obtain a Front Protection Bar for your 993

The purpose of the front protection bar is to act as a protector for the bottom of your bumper, especially after your car have already been lowered.  From this picture below you can see the scratches on the bottom of my front bumper prior to the installation of the front protection bar.


The FPB kit comes from Gert with all the necessary mounting hardware you will need to complete this project.

(1). Open the front trunk, remove the carpet and the spare tire.

(2). Jack one side of the car up to gain better access to the bottom front bumper area.  Place a jack stand underneath the car as precaution.

(3). Unbolt or unscrew the most forward bottom bumper mounting bolts

(4).  Put the side bolts through the FPB and then the rubber bushing that comes with the kit goes on top of the other side where it will touch the bottom of the bumper cover.

(5). Install the center bolt after removing the center rubber drain plug put one washer on either side of the bolt.  Tighten the center 17mm bolt after you have tighten the side bolts from bottom.


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