How to remove the alternator

At this point all the belts and pulley should already have been removed, for detail instruction on how to remove the belts please consult "How to change the belts" DIY section. 

Remove the three 10 mm bolts that holds the top plastic cover to the fan shroud. 

Unbolt the fan shroud strap using an 5 mm allen tool

Tilt the fan shroud assembly forward and reach in behind the alternator to unbolt the four 8 mm bolts that secures the cover that is behind the alternator

The wires the goes to the alternator is live at this point so you will need to disconnect the negative terminal of your battery.  Unbolt one 10 mm bolt, and two 8 mm bolts that holds a total of three wires that connects to the back of the alternator.  Red wire on top, going clockwise, is the blue wire and then the brown wire.  Be careful not to drop any nuts and washer when removing them.

Lift up the A/C compressor and place it on top of the engine bay lip, and slide the alternator/fan/fan shroud assembly combo out at a angle.  This is a picture of the engine bay after the complete assembly have been removed.  I used electrical tape to tape the alternator wire connections and then connected the negative terminal of the battery back.  The purpose for doing this is to prevent the on board DME not to loose the stored engine operating parameters.  But remember to disconnect the battery when it is time to install the fan/alternator assembly back.

You now can remove the complete alternator/cooling fan unit from the fan shroud.

To remove the cooling fan from the alternator shaft requires two people.  One person would hold the fan from underneath with their hands to absorb some of the impact and one person would tap the alternator shaft using a bolt that will fit in the center hole of the alternator shaft.  Place something soft underneath the alternator, so when the cooling fan breaks loose the alternator would have something soft to fall on.  It may take sometime to break loose the cooling fan from the alternator shaft, because some rust may exist between the alternator shaft and the bearing collar of the cooling fan.  The cooling fan is not pressure pressed into the alternator shaft, so if you tap it long enough with a hammer it will break loose.  You could also soak it down with the lubricants to help it break loose prior to taking it out.

When installing the alternator/fan/fan shroud combo make sure you install the fan back in first before attempting to install the unit without the fan.  I figure I would install the fan later and realize that there were not enough clearance for the fan to go back on the alternator shaft after I have bolted everything down.  So I managed to remove the alternator assembly from my car the 2nd time in order to get the cooling fan back in.