My Kodak DCS 315 photo album 

All the pictures in this page were taken with a Kodak DCS315 Professional digital camera

This is a collection of random photos I have taken randomly with my Kodak DCS 315 professional digital camera, I am not a professional photographer, this is just for my personal enjoyment. 


Click on the picture to get a high res. view

My dog Amber, photo taken in my Georgia home's backyard.  For more pictures of Amber click here

Pictures of my 1996 Porsche 911 2 wheel drive Carrera Coupe (993), picture taken at Road Atlanta.  For more car pictures click here

Picture of my Porsche's engine bay, what made this picture unique is that it was taken in total darkness, the only illumination used were a fluorescent shop light above the engine.  Which created of this particular effect.

This picture of the moon was taken with the Sigma 50-500mm EX, HSM zoom lens. 

I took these geese pictures during a weekend drive near my office.  Click here for more geese pictures

"People" pictures

Hank and Sandi at Road Atlanta 
Hank at Road Atlanta prior to April, 2002 PCA club race
NO, he is not Paul Newman

Racing pictures

All of the racing pictures were taken from Road Atlanta during actual racing or driving events.

Hank's 1999 Porsche GT3-Supercup race car at turn 12 Road Atlanta
One wheel off the group!


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