Concour #1
The first concour of 1998 was held on 5/16 at Sugarloaf Country Club, there were a lot of participants.  Cars ranging fron 356s to the new 996.  I came in second place in my class again, here are some photos to share with you. 

You'll should know by now which one is my car. 

The street were full of fine Porsches, the turn out was great.  There were an unlimited supply of fine imported beers....... alone with the fine imported cars. 

Here are a nice selection of 356s, they were commonly called called the 356 bathtubs.  Simply because they are shaped like a bath tub.  But this is the beginning of a great automobile, you can say this is one of the first generation 911s.  The 356s host a flat 4 cylinder engine, pumping out a decent two digit horse power. 
This fine example belones to Bob Clark.
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