Regional PCA Porsche Club Race 1998 in Road Atlanta

The weekend of April, 18 1998 marked the first big club event this year for our region.  Club members from all over the country joined together participated in one of the greatest and biggest race of the year in "Road Atlanta".

"Road Atlanta" had just finished their new race track, veterans of the old "Road Atlanta" basically have to learn the track all over again.  And the bad weather condition didn't help much either.  On Saturday the qualifying day the weather was decent, but on Sunday the track was literately flooded with rain water.

There were a lot of spin outs, few crashes but no injuries.  I have always considered myself being a faithful and dedicated motor sports fan, but after this weekend I really need re-consider my own standards.  You talk about hard core, there were some hard core fans out there.  I was there both Saturday and Sunday, below are links to the pictures I took during these two days.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I did, and I hope the wordings in there would not offend anyone.

Over all it was a very fun event, even with the terrible weather conditions.  There were a high number member turn out from our own PCA club, even Porsche dealer representative showed up.  many thanks to Peter (PCA President 1998), Diane, and Rob Rice we all had a good time, especially Mr. Lamar.   The lunch was great, and there was the unlimited supply of beer......

I took 91 pictures during this event, I tried my best to separate out different area of interest for ease of viewing, in case some of you don't have the luxury of a T1 line.

Cars racing on the track (it will take a while to load up all the pictures)

Pictures taken by Jody during the race

My favorite cars during the race

A bad wreck

Our PCA club members having fun

In car fun run shots

Rob Rice's car

Peter's car

E.T. (Jill's husband)
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