RED Calipers

Something like is a typical Ricer Boyz behavior.  But at least I spent the time and money and had this done the right way, and it turned out great.

Took the original black calipers off and shipped them to Howard Cook at Powder Tech Plus, 904-269-1719.  Howard had them sand blasted and powder coated red.  I didn't need to take the pistons off the caliper since Howard masked them off.  The total cost of the powder coating were in the $240 range.

Also had some exact font size "Porsche" logo vinyl stencils made

After I mounted the calipers back on the car, I taped the stencils on to the caliper and masked off the rest of the caliper and used some white color high temperature engine enamel paint to spray on the "Porsche" logo.  I gave it about 3-4 thin coats, and when dried I peeled off the masking tape and the stencils.

And this is how it turned out.


They turned out so well personally I can't tell if they are the real thing or not.

You can purchase the Porsche logo stencils needed to do this conversion from Terry Fretwell at
The stencils are $24 for 4 pieces Terry's e-mail is be sure to mention you saw this on

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