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Below are a collection of "Boo, Boos", "mishaps", "whoops", and unfortunate events.  Over the past several years I have taken hundreds of digital pictures from track events, club races that I have attended this is a consolidation of all the "bad" pictures.

Racing is a dangerous event, besides keeping your own car under control you have to watch other idiots that might want to run you off the road.  A common word we used to describe that is "I punted someone off the track..."  Another famous Hank Cohn word.

Rob Rice's Porsche 944 turbo after 1998 PCA club race at Road Atlanta

These pictures also taken during 1998 PCA club race at Road Atlanta



The track condition was terrible during the 1998 PCA club race at Road Atlanta, non stop rain created dangerous spots everywhere on the track.
During the wreck the engine/transmission broke off from the car and landed 50 feet away.  Luckily no one was hurt.

Pictures taken during the 1999 PCA club race at Road Atlanta

Before picture of a factory prep GT-2 993 race car


Left rear wheel hub broke off during turn 12, no one was hurt.

A brand new Ferrari F355 at Road Atlanta track day

Lost control at turn 12

The below pictures are contributed by Aaron Schreder

This picture was taken during the Speedvision world challenge touring race at Road Atlanta in Sep, 2000
The BMW went off track on the straight and when it caught traction again it cut a crossed the track and slammed into the concrete barrier, click on the picture to see the sequence of the events

The accident scene of John Felker's accident, of course it was caused by a lady in the SUV
Here is John's description of the accident:
I was at the white line, ready to make a left turn.  The 911 was pushed back and turn 90 degrees Clockwise.
My front WAS where the white car's rear tire IS.

No injuries was involved in all of the above wrecks.

These pictures were contributed by E. J. Feulner III Project Coordinator Development Department Lowe's Motor Speedway at Charlotte
Pictures of a 996 cab vs. tree - total damage $35,000 +/-

One comment I can make about these pictures above contributed by EJ is that these pictures clearly showed how strong and safe Porsche made these sports cars.  Even with a serious impact like this the cabin of the car stayed intact and retained it original shape to protect the passengers.  Now talk about you get what you paid for.    Webmaster

This picture is contributed by Frank Celenza Two-time Michelin One-Lap of America Competitor

I took this photo in 1999 at a track event at Lime Rock Park.
The car was launched into the air when a brake failure resulted in a sudden
right front lockup, sending the car veering into a dirt bank. The driver was
bruised up but otherwise ok.

I took this picture during the 2001 PCA Club Race at Road Atlanta

Sonny Vo's crash pictures of his previous Porsche, a 97 Carrera 2 S.
This happened on 05/27/2000,  I now drive a '92 C2 Turbo, not a daily driver though.   Sonny walked away after a trip to the hospital xray check up.
The car was totaled.

Below pictures were taken by Frank Celenza DDS Two-time Michelin One Lap of America Competitor during a PCA Driver's Ed event at Watkins Glen. July,2001

This 993 got loose exiting the inner loop at Watkins Glen. The car spun to the outfield and made contact with the styrofoam blocks that cushioned the blow to the armco. The owner spent the rest of the weekend straightening out the panels and the oil cooler, then drove it home
This was the heartbreaker of the weekend for me. This beautiful 944T can be seen intact in a before picture. Very nice car. The driver lost it at the top of the off-camber hilltop turn 9 at Watkins Glen. I suspect the boost might have caught him off-guard, there's little room for error there as the armco is quite close to the pavement on both sides. The car went straight on, both airbags blew and this car was seriously bent, although the driver was fine
This Targa was the victim of an overcorrection between turns 10 and 11 at Watkins Glen. The car made heavy contact with the outside armco, and was trailored out
This nice Boxster S sustained minor left side damage when the driver lifted suddenly mid-corner and initiated a full 360 spin between turns 10 and 11 at Watkins Glen, coming to rest with light contact against the outside armco

Below wreck pictures are contributed by  Aaron Schreder(A.J.)
Picture taken by E.J. Feulner III

In some twisties a brand new 01 E46 M3 Convert. ran off the road, lost control and the car flipped over a cliff. Ended upside down after taking out a few trees.  Glad to know everyone made it out alive.

Contributed by Ken

The below pictures were contributed by the Doug Richter of Lakefield, WI actual owner of this car



What happened?

These are Pics of my 3 week old 1996 Porsche 993 Twin Turbo! I hit a deep water spot in early spring across the road and hydroplaned out of control @ 60 mph. The whole event ended seconds later with the vehicle stopping next to a telephone pole.....well almost! I was walking the next day with a 13" rod in my femur and two 8' plates and 14 screws on my left arm. The broken pelvis was painful but hell I was walking! I never left the driver seat or blacked out. It was 1.5 hours before the paramedics were able to cut power and safely remove me from the car for helicopter transport! I am thankful for seat belts and a well built Porsche! I do believe in God!
Doug "Cannonball"

Raining day mishap

Contributed by Chad Harlan
Last week a lady turned left in front of me on a wet road. I tried to stop but slid right into her.


Chad's 996 before the accident

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