"Beep! Beep!"

Whether you noticed it or not, most newer vehicles now days comes from the factory with an alarm system.  The typically characteristic of this alarm system is that the parking (signal) light will flash when you arm (lock) or disarm the system (unlock).  And in the same time you hear a high pitch short "Beep beep!" sound.  Some of most commons ones I have heard from is that of  BMW and a Lexus".   (My wife's BMW also makes the same beep beep... sound)

For whatever reason I also wanted my 993 to make the same beep beep sound when I lock and unlock the doors.  I don't think it has anything to do with wanting an audible device to tell me that the door is locked  but more to make my aging 993 sound more modern.   And most importantly I thought this would be a fun project.  The factory door locks on the 993s are so loud I don't think anyone would have any problem not hearing the doors lock.....

After some experiment and research of the schematics we (I had help on this one) found the trigger line the factory uses to trigger the flashing of the parking lights.  And with some modification we were able to isolate just the alarm activation signal without causing the piezo buzzer to beep when you turn on your turn signals.  So this "Beep Beep" device will beep once when you unlock the door and twice when you lock it, simultaneous of the signal light flashing.

The "Beep, beep" is a fairly simple unit, and the installation is also very straight forward, I do recommend letting the Car Audio /alarm specialist do the installation if you are uncomfortable about doing this install yourself.  But if you can replace a fuse in a car, you can install this.

Currently there are two different models of this "Beep Beep" unit, one unit with the piezo buzzer located in the inside of the car, the other unit offers a remote trunk placement of the piezo buzzer.   The 2nd version offers a much more noticeable "beep, beep" sound.  But will require more installation time.  The Model A unit with the piezo buzzer located inside of the car can be heard from about 10 feet away, the Model B unit with the remote piezo buzzer can be heard from 20 feet away. (it depends on the ambient noise level, if you are at a race track you wouldn't hear anything......)

This "Beep, Beep" device is specifically designed for the Porsche 993 based vehicles and will only work with 993s that have the factory "Porsche drive block system", "Immobilizer", "remote" option.

"Beep, beep Model A" is $30 - The unit installs underneath the passenger seat on top of the alarm control box, the piezo buzzer is also located in the same place, the beep beep sound is a little muted but still noticeable.  The kit comes with the beeping unit, a ground lead to be attached to a ground, and 2 extra plug in adapters to be attached to the alarm wire spool.  Velcro tape is also included to secure the unit.  Perfect for 993 cabriolet also works well in the coupe or Targa.

"Beep, beep Model B" is $40 - Same unit as above, additional feature is the extra wires for the relocation of the piezo buzzer.  This kit is for those that wanted a louder "Beep, beep"sound.  But will require more installation time.

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