My favorite advertisements of the Porsche 993

Kills bugs fast.
     Up to 181 mph, to be exact (If you've got your own racetrack). Zero to sixty in just over four heartbeats. 400
     horses. Liquid all-wheel drive. It's the new Nine Eleven Turbo. Seriously bad news for the insect world.

 Like your own portable amusement park.
     Take the wheel and we defy you not to smile. 400 horses. Zero to sixty in just over four heartbeats. Eighteen inch
     wheels. A new wider stance. It's the new Nine Eleven Turbo. Some very serious amusement.

255,000 people have an older one in their garage and could talk to you for hours about why theirs is the best year
     and although we are deeply proud of our heritage we maintain no loyalties to any particular vintage and
     recommend a brief yet thorough test drive of the newest model available. (Which, incidentally, now has a top
     speed of 171 miles per hour.)

There is a guy who might just have a better job than you and there's really nothing you can do about it short of
     flying to Germany and asking for an application to become a test driver for Porsche which makes less sense than
     just buying one for yourself and testing it in your own sweet time.

It usually happens about the third or fourth day when you're just cruising along and suddenly you realize your car
     was almost entirely built by hand and not just the engine and the body but everything all the way down to the
     stitching in the seats and you start to get this soft warm feeling in your midsection that if people can do something
     this amazing with their bare hands then maybe there's hope for mankind after all.

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