996 Oil change DIY

written by: webmaster


Jack the car on all 4 corners and place the car on jack stands

Place an oil collection pan under the bottom of the engine, and use a 8mm allen drive to open the drain plug on the bottom of the oil pan

Once oil is drained completely (About 20 minutes), install the drain plug with a new aluminum sealing ring and tighten the drain plug torque to 37 ft lb.  The part number for the sealing ring is 900 123 106 30, overtime the drain plug's allen opening will be worn due to it's aluminum softness nature, it is recommended it to be replaced when you see a worn allen opening.  The part number for the drain plug is 900 219 909 30

Locate the oil filter cartridge located in front of the oil pan on the right side.   Use an oil filter removal tool to unscrew the cartridge.  I prefer to use an oil filter cap which can be purchased at your local Pep boys.  

Remove the cartridge replace the rubber O-ring, replace the oil filter cartridge.  Lubricate the rubber O-ring with fresh new oil.

Install the oil filter cartridge, torque to 19 ft lb.

Pour in new oil into the oil filter tube in the engine bay, lower the car from the jack stands, and you are done!

According to the factory shop manual, 99-01 996s requires 8.5 quarts of oil from an oil change when the filter is replaced.  04+ 996s require 8.25 quarts.  My suggest is to fill the car up with 8 quarts and then start the engine and let it run for few minutes and check the oil level with the dip stick and then add in additional oil as needed.  Overfilling the oil can cause excessive smoke on start up and other smoke causing issues.

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